How did we arrive here?

Pakistan today is in the middle of a quagmire and finding no way out of it. How have we arrived here?, is the question every one is asking. The pathetic story of our getting on the track which has led us here, began soon after the death of the Qauid Azam. His successor, Liaquat Ali Khan took a post-haste decision based on his personal inclination to put Pakistan into the lap of the US, deeply annoying the USSR -not realising that it was a world power and a next door neighbour, while the US was a world away. Pakistan’s closeness to the US at the cost of the USSR bore fruit when the later actively helped India dismember Pakistan in 1971, with the US looking on.

Whereas India followed an independent foreign policy, Pakistan surrendered itself ignominiously to the whims of Uncle Sam who made a laboratory of Pakistan trying out all gory experiments here. Whether it be the proxy sectarian war, or the religious war against Soviet Union, Americans have always got the better of this poor land.

Why have we been kneeling before the US unconditionally is a question which has a simple answer. It is because we never have had national leaders of strong character who could put interests of the country before their selves or boldly offer sacrifices for principles. Our leaders have always had only one priority ie to cling on to power (or when out, get back to power), come what may. The result is that governance, social justice, rule of law, all got a nice and proper battering, leaving the people beguiled and hapless, gullible to the call of ‘saviours’.

Today, India and Russia are effectively helping elements to tear this country apart. The United states is conveniently declaring Pakistan a danger to the world with claws firmly focused on it’s nuclear bombs. Who has brought us here? Can the US answer, or better still, can our leaders, tell us?.

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