Hotel accident; Many Chitralis display wicked enthusiasm

CHITRAL: The unfortunate accident of the parapet of a balcony giving in at the Terichmir View hotel in Chitral which cost three lives and several injuries, is a most unfortunate occurrence. No words can describe the grief of affected families who had come as tourists to this district. May Allah Almighty bless the departed souls and be with the surviving ones in these hours of grief. May Allah Almighty also help the proprietors and managers of the hotel to bear the shock and loss.
One observation which was very disturbing during the few hours after the accident was that many people were exuberantly reporting the accident to each other, exaggerating the magnitude of the damage as if they were (God forbid) pleased with the whole thing. They appeared not so much bothered about the loss of life of visiting guests, but were more (negatively) concerned about the damage to the hotel. Of course noble exceptions are always there and here also some felt genuinely sad and sorry, but the reaction of a large many was as reported above.

The positive point felt was the role of the press which was cautious and careful in reporting the case unlike when the first Coronavirus patient was detected in Chitral the local press blared the news with headlines that the affectee was a shopkeeper in Ataliq bazar, stressing more on Ataliq bazar than the patient as if Ataliq bazar was the culprit. This time the press has been careful and mature which is a positive sign. .. CN report, 13 Aug 2020 

4 thoughts on “Hotel accident; Many Chitralis display wicked enthusiasm

  1. The hospital where the injured were brought was surrounded by keen onlookers, but when it was announced that blood donation is required, most stepped back. (If any exceptions that I have missed, salutes to them).

  2. This truely reflects the ill mentality of majority of chitralies who will keep on gossiping for weeks and coin their own baseless stories on the unfortunate incident.

  3. True that this is how many chitralis reacted and there was another group that seemed more concerned with reputation of the hotel than the loss of life and was busy trying to put the blame on the victims and absolve the hotel’s management from all the responsibility.

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