Honest effort can effectively check drug menace in Chitral

CHITRAL: Drug addiction among the youth in Chitral is much more serious than what meets the eye. The young boys have graduated from cigarettes, naswar and cannabis to advanced versions of addiction like heroin, toxic tablets and now the latest menace ‘ice’.

Chitral is a very easy district to govern. The people are extremely docile and law abiding. Other than press releases and ‘all parties meetings’ demanding their needs, Chitralis rarely protest harshly. .If they do, a few policemen with batons are enough to disperse protesting crowds, in most cases.

Despite being such an easy district to control, the problem of drug pedalling and usage has never been controlled effectively. Since decades, known drug pedlars are operating and despite a random police action here and there, the narcotics business continues.

There have been many experiments with Chitral, e.g. having a female District Police Officer and a female District & Sessions Judge, both experiments having been successful. Now on experimental basis an honest and concerted operation should be launched to de-narcotise Chitral. The mosque clerics, the College and school teachers and the Press and social media can help in this grand campaign.

Such a cleanup operation may not be as easy as it seems, but in Chitral achieving any aim with the help of government baton is possible. Let this be a test case. .. CN report, 11 Dec 2021

One thought on “Honest effort can effectively check drug menace in Chitral

  1. A very crucial and an important issue has been highlighted and discussed by the writer, which is damaging foundation of our value fabrics. Our youth is the easy victim of these menaces. As a Chitrali, we must rise above the political, regional and social affiliations and fight against all these social abuses.

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