‘HinduKush heights’ donates Free bus service for families in Chitral city

Chitral .. Shahzada Siraj UlMulk, owner of ‘HiduKush Heights’ Chitral has donated a free bus service from Singoor Village to Chitral City.

According to his own words posted on facebook.. “The over-crowded jeeps and pickups transporting the public around Chitral are the most undesireable and dangerous mode of transportation. More so when sick women and children or the elderly are forced to use such transport to visit hospitals.?In its own small way Hindukush Heights has decided to contribute to improve this situation. Consequently from 01 Dec 2017 it will start a free family bus service between Singoor and Chitral at fixed timings displayed on our “Family bus stops” located at selected places along this route. It will stop for an extended period of time at the Childrens Hospital and return from there. We hope this small social service of ours will tempt others especially the government and NGO’s to start a similar service in other parts of Chitral”. .. CN report, 22 Nov 2017

6 thoughts on “‘HinduKush heights’ donates Free bus service for families in Chitral city

  1. Shahzada sahib has initiated a benevolent philanthropic service and deserves praise for it. However, according to the African proverb ‘it is easy to run a bus but difficult to keep it running’. The test here is how long will the service continue and with what punctuality will it operate.

  2. The act of philanthropy will elevate the dignity of Captain Siraj in the eyes of the public and earn him the blessings of Allah. He has undoubtedly set an example for other affluent and wealthy people of the society to follow for the welfare of the poor and the needy.

  3. Great service, other people should also follow this tradition and share their income with poverty ridden people through such type of philanthropic service. We have large number of people having sufficient income level but their contribution for public welfare is nowhere. Sirajul Mulk sb initiated good tradition and it is need of the day.

  4. Great people thinks great and start great work. Prince Siraj ul mulk has set a good example for others to contribute his services for the welfare and betterment of suffering humanity. Peoples emanates and goes but their services for humanities will always be remembered for ever. Hope its demonstration effect will open the eyes of the other millionaire of Chitral.

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