Hindukush Express to launch cargo service

CHITRAL: The elite transport service between Chitral and Islamabad, ‘Hindukush Express’ is to launch a cargo service by the same name between the two cities, soon. CEO of the company Shahzada Siraj UlMulk while talking to CN, said, appropriate vehicles for the freight service are being procured and the service could commence operation as early as within a month. He further added that reservation system for the already operating Hindukush Express passenger service is being put online and very soon passengers would be able to reserve their seats through their smart phones. .. CN report, 03 Mar 2020

2 thoughts on “Hindukush Express to launch cargo service

  1. This would be a revolutionary step in the direction of transportation of goods between Islamabad Chitral and the Chitral will be immensely benefitted from this service . Kudos to Shahzada Siraj Ulmulk!

  2. That is good news. The courier services like TCS etc take a week to deliver letters from Chitral to Islamabad and also are very expensive. Hindukush Express should also consider opening own courier service to deliver parcels and letters in Islamabad /Rawalpindi.

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