Heritage trails of Chitral

.. by Prof. R.K. Baig

Geographically Chitral has been hemmed in by lofty mountains and its northern border is completely blocked by over 6000m peaks with hanging glaciers that make any kind of traffic impossible between Chitral and Wakhan pan handle of Afghanistan starting from Terich Mir group of peaks to Boroghil except a few very high passes like Kan Khun pass or Ochili pass but all other notched joints are just cols and not passes hence impassable.

Inside Chitral in the old days there were few bridges and in summers no bridges at all so there were trails on all hillsides and many of these trails  carry interesting stories. Some have got good popularity for their easiness to escape from the wrath of the rulers. The trail from Golen to Laspur, from Oveer to Karim Abad, from Uthool to Terich, from Khot to Kuzh, from Istaru to Parwak, from Kushum/ Madak to Terich or vice versa, from Chuinj to Barsat via Chumarkan, from Sorlaspur to Swat via Kachi Khani pass, from Rech to Yarkhun etc. have been of great importance. All told these are over 200 trails and each trail has its own history and interesting stories-some are also romantic. As part of our culture and for the attracting of tourists require to be documented. The  Tourism Department of KPK is hereby requested to include this part of culture in the list of tourist destinations.. .. Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig, Chitral 12 Apr 2021

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