Heartening: Chitral school teaches discipline and honesty

Published on: 15/05/2022 | Comments: No comments 

CHITRAL: In times when honesty and discipline have taken back benches in every walk of life in Pakistan, there is a school in Chitral which practices both the elements of character building in it’s daily schedule. The Langland School and College (Sayurj School) established in the early 1980s under the supervision of a group of young British ladies who came in as volunteers, has produced many talented students doing well in various walks of life.  It stands out today as being a school which visibly puts stress on honesty and discipline – the missing ingredients in our educational institutions.

Ali Khan, a matric student of the school, while casually talking to Chitral News, voluntarily mentioned that the British Lady principal is practicing a strict policy of discipline in the school. He said cheating in examinations was virtually impossible- (to the distraught of  students who consider cheating as a normal/allowable practice), as cameras had been fitted in the classrooms and examination halls, which the principal personally monitors. He said if any student is found speaking in vernaculars to the teachers, salary of the teacher is deducted as a punishment, because of which both the teachers and students are very careful and get good practice of speaking English language, which is the medium of education.

Educational institutions would do well to emulate the Langland School example and induct honesty and discipline as the foundation stones in the education of their pupils. .. CN report, 15 May 2022

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