Has the time for solution of Kashmir issue finally come?

Chitral:? “Things get worse, before they get better” is the time old adage which has proven itself time and again. The recent outbursts of acrimony between Pakistan and India over the Kashmir issue have unexpectedly escalated to worrisome levels given the fact that both countries yield atomic weapons.. Hopefully the escalation would soon halt in it’s track and show the way to a viable and practical solution of the Kashmir issue which has strained relations and fed on the resources of the two poor countries ever since their birth.

India by nature is not a fighting nation but is stuck up with Kashmir in it’s throat which it neither can swallow nor is willing to throw up. The weakness of India’s moral position on Kashmir is coming to the knowledge of the world rapidly due to the power of the electronic media. The video interview of the ex Chief Minister of Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti? (produced below) has proved an eye opener for the world.

The present situation is a golden chance for India to announce plebiscite in Kashmir to determine the will of the people and implement the same. Pakistan should also conduct similar exercise in it’s own part of Kashmir. A stable Kashmir region could be beneficial for both India and Pakistan at least on one account i.e import of destructive weapons would reduce on both sides and the people can reap the ensuing benefit of the peace that would follow. .. CN report, 27 Feb 2019

One thought on “Has the time for solution of Kashmir issue finally come?

  1. War is certainly not an option. We see that all around us. The largest super power on earth has not been able to win a war against rag tags in Afghanistan. How can there be a decisive war between two nuclear armed countries. It will only result in phenomenal MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) and only a mad person can think of it. Modi should take the peace initiative being leader of the larger country.

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