Hail Meritocracy! fresh example from Singapore, again

SINGAPORE  has chosen its PM. After four years of strict, tedious filtering and performance index review applied on four outstanding candidates. Finally, Mr. Lawrence Wong was chosen to take the responsibility as the 4th PM of Singapore.

Mr.Wong, a Double Degree and PhD. holder from Harvard University in Economics, was selected after he received the highest score in Character, Performance, Integrity, Quality and job KPI. Mr. Lawrence Wong scored ZERO in the following: 1. Public Complaints. 2. Police Traffic Summons. 3. Public Summon. 4. Racial hatred statements. 5. Corruption and Bribery. 6. Legal Court cases. 7. Tax fraud, 8. Abuse of Power. 9. FBI, CIA, Interpol checks.

How about that for determining leadership competency, rather than flogging the tired old horse of democracy? This is how the nations are built through exceptional character of its leadership following the precedent setting of the Founders. It’s a rich food for thought for Pakistanis. .. Courtesy internet, 24 June 2024

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