Grand funeral accorded to Khalid Bin Wali

Chitral: A grand funeral, probably largest in Chitral so far in terms of number of participants, was accorded to the young bureaucrat Khalid Bin Wali who had died in a road accident a day earlier. The compassion in the funeral was so intense that many participants were seen wailing and crying loudly at the funeral venue. The polo ground was filled with people who had turned up from all over Chitral and even down country to attend the funeral. The reason for this unusual display of affection for the deceased is reportedly his fine and amicable personality. All who had met him even once were full of praise for his humility and good nature. The father Abdul Wali Khan Advocate was trying bravely to keep calm along with his two other sons Tariq and Faham. Personnel of excise department in uniform gave him a salute of honour before the body was lowered into the grave.??.. CN report, 22 Oct 2018

One thought on “Grand funeral accorded to Khalid Bin Wali

  1. It was a national loss and Khalid bin Wali was a great asset of Chitral. He was self-disciplined and morally sound person. as a teacher of him I found him well behaved, caring, kind and humble child. Such shining personality is born once in centuries. May Allah rest his noble soul in peace and give courage to bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.

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