Govt should fulfill religious obligations during Ramazan

CHITRAL: While eating and drinking from dawn to dusk is prohibited for normal healthy Muslims, during Ramazan, there are also some exemptions from fasting granted to certain category of people. Travellers, sick people, mentally unfit people, old people, children, women in their menstrual periods, breast feeding mothers, etc are some of the people who are exempted from compulsory fasting.

Unfortunately in Pakistan ever since Gen Zia ul Haq’s time all concessions have been withdrawn by the government. Restaurants and eateries specially on main roads are forcibly closed and travellers falling in any of the above categories have to endure great hardships while travelling.

It is the duty of the government to provide facilities for those who are religiously, morally and legally exempted from observing fast. Cultural taboos should not override religious concessions, which is going on in Pakistan. since the past five decades. .. CN report, 13 Apr 2021

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