Govt should allow restaurants to be open for travelers in Ramadan

Chitral: The holy month of Ramadan has arrived. Every able muslim is supposed to observe fast from dawn to dusk during this month. However our religion also exempts certain people from observing the fast. Such people include travelers, ailing people, mensturating and breastfeeding women, children, the elderly, etc. It is unfortunate that no provision is made for facilitating such category of people during the holy month.

The journey from Peshawar to Chitral takes over eleven hours. but not a single restaurant or eatery is open on the entire route during Ramadan. This is against the teaching of Islam. Ramadan teaches compassion for all the section of people mentioned above. Ramadan is not about punishing people (naghooz u billah).

When a restaurateur was asked whether he would open his restaurant during Ramadan for those who are exempted from fasting, he said he would like to do it and in earlier days it was the practice but General Ziaul Haq came up with the extreme order of strict closure of eateries regardless of any consideration during Ramadan and the practice is being followed till date and no govt has the guts to undo Ziaul Haq’s unfair order.

The PTI govt led by Imran Khan should muster moral courage to follow the teaching of Islam and allow restaurants on travelling routes to be kept open for travelers and those exempted from fasting. That would be true service to Islam. .. CN report, 04 May 2019.

3 thoughts on “Govt should allow restaurants to be open for travelers in Ramadan

  1. The most dangerous part is the drivers of the long haul public transport, upon whom depends the lives of the many passengers they are ferrying. Many of such drivers are hashish, cigarette and naswar addicts. When they are fasting and driving long mountainous routes like mentioned above, they are risking the safety of passengers. Drivers should not be forced to fast while driving. If they themselves are strict about observing fast they should take leave from their work and fast.

  2. Dear Editor,

    I really appreciate for publishing this important matter. I think Islam is Deen Asaan, it is not just the Muslim Community but also there are lots of other tourists. If the restaurants on the way from Peshawer or Islamabad to Chitral shall be opened. There will be lots of income for the owners, workers and at the same time, the tourist can have proper food and will not hesitate to travel during Ramadan. The extra income can be distributed among the poor families for more SAWAB –

  3. If restaurants can be kept open at airports and railway stations during Ramadan, why can’t same be open at bus stations and roadways. Does travelling by air and rail have different rules compared to travelling by bus? We are living in a hypocritical society and the government is composed of same people..

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