Govt needs to tighten it’s belt before asking people for sacrifice

CHITRAL: It is very strange that despite imposing exponential hike in the prices of petroleum, gas, electricity etc, there is hardly any step taken by the government to tighten it’s own belt. The perks and privileges of government functionaries big and small, the civil and military bureaucracy, the non functioning organization, all remain intact, while the common man/woman is being taxed more and more to the point of unbearability.

Better would be if the government voluntarily attends to the ‘shah kharchi’ and ‘kharmasti’ which it has got used to over the decades and because of which government jobs are considered ‘maal e ghanimat’. If the govt does not pay heed to this cancerous burden on the exchequer, then the IMF should force it by dictating point by point places where to save money.

The country has been molested for too long a time and now irrespective of rubbish politics, some serious accountability needs to be undertaken. .. CN report, 17 Feb 2023

2 thoughts on “Govt needs to tighten it’s belt before asking people for sacrifice

  1. A government job means payment without work and a pension thereafter for life especially of the lower grade government employees. While this is happening the officials at higher grades are enjoying perks and privileges unknown in the most developed countries of the world. Both these cadre of government employees remain hell bent to throw spanners in the work of every individual or group wanting to do business of any kind in Pakistan. And I am not even mentioning the formidable expenses being incurred annually on military most of which has no bearing on the security of our country.
    Without a prompt overhaul without further delay the economy of this country has no chances of recovery.
    Thank you Chitral News for continuously highlighting such important issues which need urgent attention even if no one is paying heed to them.

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