Govt Launches Pakistan?s First Official Moon Sighting Website

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Hussain Chaudhry has launched Pakistan?s first official moon-sighting website and Islamic calendar.

The launch ceremony took place at Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) on Sunday.

Addressing a press conference, the minister announced that according to the lunar calendar, Eid-ul-Fitr 2019 will be celebrated on Wednesday, June 5, while Eid-ul-Azha will fall on August 12.

Chaudhry also notified the dates for Eid celebrations for the next 5 years.

?As per the Islamic calendar,? he said, ?the next four Eids will fall on May 24, 2020, May 3, 2021, April 22, 2022, and April 10, 2023.?

He lauded his team of experts who prepared the calendar, stating that it included important dates for five years (from 2019 to 2023).

The website named, ?Moon Sighting Pakistan? not only contains a day-to-day five-year Islamic calendar next to the dates from Georgian calendar but it also lets you check the position of the moon.

The website contains scientifically determined dates for all major Islamic festivals/days for the ongoing and coming years.

?The online portal (both website and mobile App) would bring an end to the moon sighting controversies and duplication of Ramadan and Eidain for good,? he said.

The minister refuted the notion that the initiative was meant to diminish the roles of Ulemas, saying that their expertise will be needed in other aspects of life.

Official App Coming Soon

He urged on the use of technology for moon sighting and noted that the application would be available on Google Play Store from Monday (today).

?Through this application, the moon?s position over eight strategic locations would be mapped,? Fawad added.

The minister also mentioned that the proposal has been forwarded to the Council of Islamic Ideology and it would also be tabled before the federal cabinet on Tuesday.

He also declared August as the official Science and Technology Month.? .. Source

4 thoughts on “Govt Launches Pakistan?s First Official Moon Sighting Website

  1. Good job done. It is high time we accept ground realities.
    The printing press was declared haram for 200 years by ulema on the pretext that the Holy Quran was originally written by hand and it cannot be written by a machine. After 200 years when Ulema allowed it’s use the West had gone far ahead using it. When radio was invented, Muslim Ulema said it was the devil speaking inside the box and declared it haram only to later not only allow it but themselves used it the most to give sermons and make speeches. When the loudspeaker was first invented our ulema compared the loud voice it produced to the braying of a donkey and specially Azaan (call for prayer) was prohibited using a loudspeaker. Now we can see what is happening.
    Our Ulema throughout history have been opposing scientific inventions in the first instance but when they find they cannot stop it, they allow it and start benefitting from it themselves. But then much damage has been done to the scientific progress of muslims.
    We must have a clear cut narrative of Islamic injunctions instead of depending on the whims of semi literate mullahs which keep changing from time to time as mentioned through examples above. The step by the government to follow a lunar calendar is very much in line with logic and being practiced in muslim countries like Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

  2. Mufti Munibur Rehman tou esko aour dunia ki sari science and technology ko abna juta ki nok par rakta ha

  3. Mufti Munib sahib ne tou teen sou saal pehle printing press ko bhi joota ki nok per raka tha, radio aur loud speaker ko bhi joota ki nok per raka tha.

  4. “Today’s greatest threat is not climate change, not pollution, not flood or fire. It’s that we’ve got people in charge of important matters who don’t believe in science.” -Harrison Ford

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