Govt approves Rs150m for preservation of Kalash culture

PESHAWAR:?The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has approved a grant of 150 million rupees for preservation of culture of Kalash tribe in Chitral.

Talking to media in?Peshawar?on Sunday, a provincial government spokesman said that a committee has been set up for the protection of unique culture of Kalash tribe.

The committee constituted for the purpose includes director of?Archaeology?Department KP, representatives from UNESCO and the local population, he added.

It?s worth mentioning here that earlier last week; the UNESCO has declared the culture of Kalash community in?Pakistan?as Universal cultural heritage. .. Source

One thought on “Govt approves Rs150m for preservation of Kalash culture

  1. Initiatives are good, but we are loosing the essence and real charm and the grooming of the Kalash culture. The Kalaah people especially, the demsils have become very much prone to the alien culture totally forgetting what the Kalash culture was, how that was meant to them, what was the preservation norm through which they became known to the world and how that philosophy of preservation could be brought back in order to make them qualify for the competitions they are to face living in the constantly changing world. We are not against the development taking place in the living standards of the Kalaah people but at the same time we are very much concerned on the depletion that has started happening in the Kalash culture. Therefore, a sustainable approach to this end has become imperative to be adopted.

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