GLOF issues Golen Gol Glacial outburst warning

A GLOF threat-Internet picture
A GLOF threat-internet pic

CHITRAL: The UNDP funded project GLOF (glacial lake outburst floods) which monitors glacial behaviour has issued warning for an impending glacial outburst in the Golen valley from where water serves the 108 Mw hydel power project. Last year on 7 July a similar outburst left the area cut off from the rest of the district for one month after destroying property and displacing scores of residents of the area. The warning this year also seems serious as the temperature has suddenly increased and any bit of rain in the area can trigger the avalanche outbreak and do what it does to life and property.
The people of the area and surrounding are under a direct threat, but the residents of Chitral town and other areas are not safe either from the adverse effects of such a glacial misbehavior. The Golen hydel power plant will go off air immediately and the city will be submerged into darkness. It will remain like so until after much hue and cry by the people, electricity from the national grid will be provided to the town in bits and pieces.
Although nothing can be done to stop nature doing its process, yet pre-planning and preparedness in time is one thing in the hands of the administration and responsible authorities, to mitigate the ensuing problems. .. CN report, 21 Jun 2020

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