Glacial slip causes another lake to form in Hunza

GILGIT:?Water started flowing in a channel after a lake developed in the Hassanabad area of Hunza in Gilgil-Baltistan on Sunday evening.

The lake had developed in the Hassanabad area of Hunza as a result of a glacial burst in the day.

According to Locals and eye-witnesses, the mud-filled glacier had blocked the water flow, disrupting water supply to a power station in Hassanabad and plunging the whole Hunza into darkness, but now the water has started flowing.

They said that the glacial water was making its way down the stream, risking several areas including Murtazaabad and Aliabad.

Several downstream areas of Hunza River are at risk of possible flood as the water from the lake has started flowing in the areas.

A National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) team reached the location to assess the lake and the possible flooding. The team officials advised remaining alert against the possible flooding as the glacial water was gushing fast.

The officials feared that the flood could wash away several villages and infrastructure in the area.? .. Source

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