GB womenfolk outshine in industriousness.

Chitral .. The womenfolk of Gilgit/Baltistan have taken larger strides ahead in skills and human resource development compared to Chitral. One obvious reason for it is that they have been offered more opportunities and social structure in GB allows relative more equality and freedom to women as compared to Chitral. ?Women of Gilgit can be seen in every sphere of National life from being pilots of Airforce planes to army commandos to administrators to Skiers to mountaineers.

The women folk of Gilgit Baltistan have broken barriers and are competing with men in almost all fields hitherto considered reserved domains for men. One major contributing factor is the AKDN which has helped in educating and indoctrinating women folk to come out and play their role in the development of the society. ?.. CN report, 25 Feb 2017

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