Why are GB people more industrious than Chitralis?

Chitral — Despite the fact that Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan fall in the same geographical zone and for centuries have shared culture, weather, advantages?and hardships together, but despite the so many similarities, the attitude towards life now largely differs with both the people.

The people of Chitral are by and large lazy and lethargic and avoid laborious jobs which is why the Afghans and Pathans from down districts have come and taken over businesses like butchery, bread baking (tandoors) and jobs like masonry and unskilled labour requirement?in Chitral.

On the other hand the people of GB, particularly of Hunza have proven themselves to be industrious and hard working in no less a magnitude than?the Afghans and pathans. In the tourism sector Gilgit Baltistan is way ahead of Chitral with hundreds?of trained tour guides and high altitude porters hailing from Hunza and Skardu areas. Even in the field of ?high value businesses like transportation, import/export etc the Gilgitis?are much advanced.

Various?kind?of?fruit e.g apples, apricots, pears, cherries, mulberries, plums, grapes, pomogrenates, and wide variety of expensive herbs which are?a joint product of Chitral and Gilgit, are?scientifically dried and packed in Gilgit and sold in Islamabad and all over the country.?Their stuff?is even exported to Chitral where it is found in local dry fruit shops?and the shopkeeper proudly presents them as product of Gilgit. In Chitral, fruit trees are?either not looked after or the fruit is wasted without making good use of it. What could be the reason for this difference, one wonders.?— CN report, 28 Nov 2016.

4 thoughts on “Why are GB people more industrious than Chitralis?

  1. These same hard working and industrious people were behind in progress compared to Chitral till the time chinese trade started via karakuram highway. Chitrals lagging behind started in late 90s onward and the local leadership of Chitral at that time should take the blame for it.

  2. Thank you Chitralnews for initiating discussions on this important topic. Yes, most towns, valleys and villages in GB have progressed far ahead of those in Chitral, despite the fact both GB and Chitral are located in the same region with a lot of commonalties in terms of remoteness, harsh weather, culture, and many more. There are several reasons for the difference pace of development in these regions:

    1. GB is a province with a population of around two million people whereas Chitral is a district with hardly 400,000 people. The share of a province in development fund is much greater than that of a district.

    2. GB has direct access to the Centre (Islamabad) because of its status as a Federally Administered Area and therefore it has enjoy direct contact with the decision-makers in the capital, whereas Chitral is part of KP and the provincial authorities have often ignored Chitral and deprived it of its due rights;

    3. Chitralis are more sober, peaceful and cool-minded than their fellows in GB. This soberness and politeness has become a weakness when it comes to fighting for one’s rights. Chitralis have been exploited by the crook authorities in the province as well as in the Centre for their simplicity and politeness, whereas the people in GB are more vocal and aggressive and can go to any extreme to get their rights;

    4. The KKH, Tourism and Civil Society Institutions, particularly AKDN, are the main drivers of development in GB. Although AKDN has similar investment in Chitral as well, the people of GB, because of their higher education level, have benefited the most from AKDN and other civil society organisations;

    However, Chitral is also on its way to progress, albeit slowly. It is not too late for us in Chitral to pull up our sleeves and do our share of development with honesty, dedication, and loyalty with the land and its people.

  3. The geography of Gilgit is comparatively more diverse and rich as compared to Chitral. In addition the Govt attitude toward Gilgit is much better under federal administration and being the part of silk route. One can clearly observe good quality of life in Gilgit like roads, hospitals and schools as compared to Chitral that is >90% without electricity in 21st century [crycrycry&shame].
    These and many other small factors allowing Gilgit peoples to become more industrious then later.
    In addition Gilgit peoples are more aggressive in attitude like Pathans and others as compared to soft Chitrali demeanour, that one should wonder about!

  4. Chitral must and will be joined with Gilgit-Baltistan. Bye Bye to Ghair Maqami People Pakhtoons. Long Live Chitral-Gilgit-Baltistan Province.

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