Garam chashma polo ground reclamation demanded

CHITRAL:  Prominent social and political figure of Garam chashma, Sultan Mehmood in a press statement has said that the people of Garam chashma are united in their demand for justice and the reclaiming of their centuries old polo ground, which has been unjustly taken away from them. He said as a son of the soil he fully supported the public protest and urged the Deputy Commissioner and elected representatives from Chitral to take immediate action to resolve the burning issue.

For nearly a century, the polo ground has been a symbol of community and public space, used by generations of residents for recreation, social gatherings and cultural events. The recent court verdict, which awarded a portion of the ground to a private party, is widely believed to be the result of tampered records and lackluster defense by the public prosecutor, said Sultan Mehmood.
The people of Garam chashma are outraged and demand that the provincial government take the responsibility for the negligence and pay the cost of the land to the party, releasing the polo ground back to its rightful owners i.e the public. We urge the authorities to act swiftly and resolve this issue before the situation escalates further, he said.

We will continue to peacefully protest and raise our voice until justice is served and our polo ground is returned to us.
I call on all concerned citizens, community leaders and elected officials to join us in this fight for our right and our heritage.
Together, we can reclaim our polo ground and restore the heart of our community, he reiterated. .. CN report, 19 May 2024

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