Frustrated youth falling prey to drugs, perversion

CHITRAL: The ballooning population and absence of any will or system to channelize the young population has led to wide spread decay in the personal development of youth in Chitral. Starting with feeding them with appetite prodding ‘plastic’ chips and spurious snacks in early childhood and in schools, the youth is mostly left unmonitored at a time when they are most vulnerable to go astray. Mobile phone displaying pornography and taking the rot a level higher by filming their own trash activities re coming to light every now and then. How many more go unreported is any body’s fathom.

In order to save the youth of Chitral from assured destruction vis a vis health and moral values, concerted efforts need to be launched by the government, the NGOs and the society at large. The future of any society depends upon how it’s children and youth are trained and channelized. Although the youth of Chitral is fond of sports and outdoor activities but facilities do not exist. A mention of the Football association should be made with appreciation as the sport is being promoted and your are attracted to it to some extent, but it is too less. Gymnasiums, parks and playgrounds should be set up on priority basis.

The young generation should be shown light ahead of them and the dark tunnel of frustration should be fought against with solid indoctrination and bold programs .. CN report, 21 Aug 2023

One thought on “Frustrated youth falling prey to drugs, perversion

  1. There is no effort from the government, the schools and colleges the mosques and religious centers, even the parents, to guide young children positively towards a meaningful life. Very sad we see destruction of our youth, our future.

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