Friday sermons should be made more realistic and effective

Chitral: Come Friday and every male muslim has one thing on top of his mind i.e to to get ready and go the mosque to offer the Juma prayer. Even those of us who are not very particular about praying five times a day never want to miss the Friday congregation and prayers. Such a tremendously effective platform the Friday congregation is, only if it could be used effectively. In a standard Friday sermon, cleric on the rostrum (mimbar) invariably tells tales of the bygone days, short anecdotes from the times of our Prophet (PBUH) are narrated and even stories from ‘Qasas Al Anbia” (book about stories of past prophets (peace be upon them) are read out.? All this narration taking about half an hour on average.? These narrations are heard by the prayer goers from one ear and let off through the other ear.

Such narrations generally do not have any impact on the prayer goer as he has been listening to the same over and over again. Also because the sermon giver does not try to connect these narrations and anecdotes to the present day life. A glaring omission made by such sermon givers is the failure to mention the attributes of the Prophet (PBUH) as Sadiq and Ameen (honest and trustworthy) so that prayer goers can ameliorate their condition while taking practicable examples from the Holy Prophet’s life.

Wasting such a powerful platform as the Friday congregation by not conveying anything solid and practical connected to present day world is a big pity and it is hoped and prayed that Religious leaders and the government think over this aspect seriously and start using Friday congregations for bringing improvement in the lives of Muslims. .. CN Editorial, 19 Oct 2018

One thought on “Friday sermons should be made more realistic and effective

  1. True but Easier said than Done. Who is going to change the mindset of mullahs which has been baked in this way for hundreds of years.

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