Free electricity to retired WAPDA personnel be abolished

Dear Sir,
The government is coming up with different proposals for regulating electricity billing tariffs and metering systems to cut the losses and wastage of electricity. All maybe fine but why is the govt blind to the fact that not only serving but retired WAPDA personnel of all ranks and cadres are being allowed free electricity at the cost of consumers. It has also been reported that when these retired personnel die their families continue getting the free electricity for a long time as death not being reported (thanks to our moral values).

Trying to clean the well by taking out buckets of water while the corpse of the dog keeps lying in the well, is all what we are doing in different spheres of ‘reforms’ and this department is no exception.

The government should immediately withdraw free electricity facility from all serving and retired WAPDA personnel and in lieu should increase their salaries or give them lumpsum money at the time of retirement.. Free electricity is grossly misused and mercilessly wasted.- Thanks, .. Muhammad Abid, Chitral 26 Oct 2019.

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