Frailty of democracy proved yet again

Chitral .. Two prominent politicians from Chitral one an ex MPA and the other a successful businessman have swung from one end of the political spectrum to the other end in one violent stroke that leaves impartial observers of politics in a baffle. What does JUI a die- hard religious party from which the ex MPA has made the transition to PPP a secular socialist party have in common? other than both being power hungry as all other parties are too. Similarly the JI which boasts about it’s principals is diagrammatically opposite to the manifesto of the PPP but then again lust for power is the common factor there which made a prominent JI personality switch to PPP for a ticket to contest elections.

The above illustrations show what elections are and what for are elections fought. Isn’t it high time the intelligentsia of the country and the powers that be give this a serious consideration and abolish elections once for all through implementation of the system of ‘Meritocracy’ in the country. .. CN report, 19 Sep 2017

2 thoughts on “Frailty of democracy proved yet again

  1. Both the gentlemen are men of money and they have shifted to the party which calls itself ‘party of the poor’. Isn’t this height of contradiction and hypocrisy of politics. Principles have abandoned political parties. Winning elections by hook or by crook and then enjoying for five years is what is left of democracy now. People should opt for ‘Meritocracy’ and discard political exploitation now.

  2. Dear editor..I am proud that there are people who talk about meritocracy..and you are on the top….really you think all the time about national cause..proud of

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