Fourth student commits suicide over exam results

Chitral: Days after the announcement of Intermediate exam results, four students have ended their lives after learning about their unsatisfactory performance in the exams. This phenomenon is becoming alarmingly serious. Not loving one’s life and wanting to get rid of it is an indicator of the utter despondency and frustration prevalent in the society. The availability of ready suicide bombers is also a fallout of this mindset.

Emergency research needs to be launched to determine reasons as to why people particularly the youth are fed up with their lives on one pretext or the other. The absence of zest for living and giving in easily to death is not an issue to be taken lightly. Urgent research should be launched on it and preventive measures suggested and action upon them need to be taken without any loss of time. .. CN report, 09 Aug 2018

One thought on “Fourth student commits suicide over exam results

  1. Holding seminars or workshops on the issue have borne no results. Religious clerics must be actively involved here, who in their prayer sermons should stress upon the sanctity of human lives and and give the youth inspirational motivation to live their lives rather than end it prematurely. Message from the mosque reaches almost every one and if the message is effective and constructive it can do wonders to improve the society.

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