Five persons detected with COVID-19 infection in Chitral

CHITRAL: Five persons have so far been confirmed as carrying the Coronavirus in Chitral districts. The first one was a 48 year old from Chewdok Chitral town, the other three other are: one from Birzin Garam Chashma age 24 years, the third one is from Chumurkhon age 63 years and the fourth one also from Chumurkhon age 44 years. The fifth person diagnosed positive is a 43 year old from Booni. Reports of another three suspected cases have been sent to Peshawar for re verification. It may be noted that there being no testing facility in the two Chitral districts, only blood samples of those developing advanced symptoms are sent to Peshawar for confirmation. The unofficial estimate of COVID-19 virus carriers in Chitral is much more.

One thought on “Five persons detected with COVID-19 infection in Chitral

  1. Standardised data collection SOP should be in place. Each contact must be interviewed to ascertain how they contracted the infection, mode of spread, how they contracted it in their view (open field). This information is absolutely vital to record and analyse as we are facing a developing pandemic and such local data aids in research and forming informed strategies

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