Former MNA gives clarification on Federal Govt Projects

Dear Sir,
I am sharing the Budget Links with Project details of Chitral’s PSDP Federal Govt Projects for all to keep the public informed since both the PTI as well as MMA Leadership had chosen to keep silent (as nobody will share the bad news). I feel that we must give time to both the PTI and MMA leadership and Govts. to perform and refrain from passing early judgement.

However it must be noted that we have a new PTI Govt that presented a fresh budget in Sept 2018 and the fact that there wont be any general elections before 2023 therefore it is the right time to discuss the fate of Chitral’s PSDP Projects and the priority the two regimes (PMLN and PTI) have attached to Chitral.

Though it would be too early to pass a judgement on the performance of the new Govt, one can get a fair idea from the intentions of the new Govt that has conveniently taken out Rs 49 billion of Chitral’s projects from the Federal Budget presented in Sept 2018. These projects were part of the Budget presented by the PML N Govt which had sufficient finances for them in annual allocations.
  1. The 212 KM Gilgit Shandoor Roads?costing Rs 25 billion?is missing
  2. The 132 KM Terich to Lot Owir Road with tentative costs of Rs 3 billion which after completion of the detailed survey would have reached?Rs 16 billion?(not including the 30% value lost by the Pak Rupee vs US$)
  3. Rs 2.9 billion PC-1 Cost of University of Chitral?for which 500 million was tentatively allocated in PSDP but which after CDWP approval would have cost Rs 2.9 billion is also missing.
  4. Rs 1.8 billion allocated for new 132 KVA Transmission Line?and Grid stations from Golen Gol? to Kaqlasht with?four additional grid stations planned at i) Kaqlasht, ii) Mastuj, iii) Garam Chashma and iv) Gang for Marble City?is also taken out of the Federal Budget meaning that the residents of Upper Chitral and other concerned areas will continue to be deprived of Golen Gol electricity since the current 33 KVA line linking Jutilasht to Upper Chitral can bear loads of only 4 MW whereas actual demand of Upper Chitral may be somewhere between 10 MW to-12 MW. Meaning unless the project is rec included and implemented people will continue to agitate lack of power supply and resultantly this fact will keep Upper Chitral Underdeveloped by design (by choice as Federal Govt has signaled by its actions that it doesn’t care.
  5. Rs 3.47 billion for nine new feeders inclusive of 600 Transformers for entire villages of Chitral from Arandu to Boroghil,?including?Gobor, Arkari, Karimabad. Kalash Valleys, Ayun, Broz, Yarkhoon. Laspur, Madaklasht / Shishikuh, Urtsoon, Jinjeretkuh, Terich, Rech, Melp, Khot, Waschich, Golain and Phasti?will not get Golen Gol Electricity.

Note:?In order to avoid unnecessary & negative political debate any Chitrali can verify the facts directly from the Federal Budget by using the table given below with?GSI No,?Page No,?Name of the Project, the concerned Ministry,?and?its costs approved at ECNEC?or?CDWP?and?its annual allocations?directly from the Federal Budget Book by typing & opening the following PDF link in Google:?? Iftikhar Uddin , EX MNA Chitral? 18 Feb 2019

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