Flowers bloom amidst Corona gloom in Chitral

CHITRAL: Although the gloomy atmosphere with respect to in increasing cases of the COVID-19 virus, the flowers of Chitral are in full bloom as if to console the dispirited people. This year the attention towards gardens and flowers is more pronounced compared to usual years, because of the obvious reason -there is not much else to do.? Horticulture and floriculture is a popular hobby with Chitralis in general since tradition, however there are some villages which stand out for this. Ayun ( Oyone in khowar) is a village which can boast of the prettiest and richest flower gardens and their avid gardeners. The spring bloom in Chitral starts mid April and remains till late June usually. Cherries and indigenous raspberries also ripen during this time while other fruits like apricots, mulberries, apples, pears etc follow. .. CN report, 01 May 2020

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