Flexible solar panels introduced in Pakistan

CHITRAL: Flexible solar panels is the new thing in.The introduction of such solar panels marks a turning point in solar technology. Unlike their rigid counterparts made from silicon wafers encased in glass, these innovative panels boast a thin-film design built on a flexible substrate. This allows them to bend and conform to curved surfaces, opening doors for a wider range of applications.

Previously, solar panels were limited to flat rooftops due to their weight and inflexibility. Flexible panels, on the other hand, are lightweight and easy to install on non-traditional surfaces like car hoods, RV roofs, or even clothing. This versatility makes them ideal for portable power needs, such as charging devices while camping or powering boats. Additionally, their lightweight nature reduces stress on building structures, making them suitable for unconventional rooftops.

While they may not quite match the efficiency of traditional panels yet, flexible solar panels offer exciting possibilities for the future of solar energy. Their adaptability allows for integration into everyday objects, potentially creating self-powered devices or buildings that generate their own electricity. As research continues and production costs decrease, flexible solar panels have the potential to revolutionize how we harness the power of the sun .. CN report, 29 Mar 2024

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