First time Ramazan facility in Chitral

‘Foodland’ at New Ataliq Bazar, Byepass road, Chitral City

CHITRAL: Chitral districts, in particular Chitral city is limping foreword towards progress by way of the building infrastructures and facilities in the markets. One such development is the introduction of services at Iftar and Sehr during Ramazan. Hitherto there was no running eatery in Chitral bazar where customers could have their Iftari and Sehri. It was a big issue especially for travelers and visitors to the area.

A running ‘A’ class restaurant in Chitral bazar namely ‘Foodland’ has opened it’s Quetta Cafe portion for customers from Iftari to Sehri, which is a new initiative for a restaurant in Chitral. Upon the idea, the first typical remarks from people was that it would not work as Chitralis are not used to eating out in Ramazan. Surely, on the first day there was only one customer, a late night passer by who walked into the cafe, but after a week, now,  sizable number of customers visit the restaurant both at Iftari and sehri time and throughout the night. Manager of the eatery told CN that they intend keeping the cafe open even on Eid day and all holidays to provide much needed service to the people when all other services remain closed .. CN report, 29 Mar 2023.

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