First time, Chitral transport introduces online reservation system

CHITRAL: A luxury bus service between Islamabad and Chitral was a first in itself and now it’s second route i.e a service between Peshawar and Chitral is commencing on 12 Sep. The new feature about the service is that it will accept online reservations, like the Daewoo service etc. Handout by the the owner of the enterprise in this respect, posted on Facebook is reproduced below.

“Online Ticketing on? Peshawar- Chitral route: How to book a seat and get tickets on Hindukush Express bus service to Peshawar starting from 12 Sept 2019:
Step-1. Call Bilal Travels Peshawar on any one of the following phone numbers
091-2260544, 091-2260844, 091-2260944, 03132874444, 03444451158.
Step-2 Give them your name, number of passengers and date of travel
Step-3. You will immediately receive a message on your phone giving you your seat no. and date of travel.
Step-4 Visit Bilal Travels bus stop phone 091-111-287-444 at least four hours before time of travel and purchase your ticket.
The bus will leave at 9 pm from both places on every alternate day.
Only one piece of baggage ( not more than 20kg) in the hold and one hand carry( 10 kg or less) will be allowed with each passenger. Regards, Siraj Ulmulk”? ..CN report, 10 Sep 2019

One thought on “First time, Chitral transport introduces online reservation system

  1. Salam to all management and staffs of hindukush Express, indeed it’s a huge project u run with good facilities and comfortable travel..which is good, we all appreciate but some problem we have to highlight..
    The numbers u give in net for reservation are not picking up calls ..20 time we called but not receive reply. Please take notice of this.

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