First positive case of COVID-19 recorded in Chitral

CHITRAL: As they say the most negative word of 2020 is ‘POSITIVE’, a first case of positive result of the coronavirus has been officially recorded in Chitral. The affected,48 year old Shahabuddin of Chewdok Chitral town had reportedly arrived in Chitral hidden in a truck and escaped quarantine but after being reported by neighbors he was transferred to a quarantine where upon developing symptoms, his blood sample was sent to Peshawar for testing which resulted in confirmation of the virus. The affectee had returned after attending the tableeghi congregation at Lahore.

Meanwhile GH Farooqi reports that a person has died in Lashkargaz Yarkhun suffering from symptoms typical of coronavirus, but due to absence of testing facility the case could not be recorded in time.

5 thoughts on “First positive case of COVID-19 recorded in Chitral

  1. The title says 5 positive cases of Covid-19 whereas text underneath is silent about that. Don’t leave your readers in limbo please.

      1. If it’s been fixed after been pointed out, I would say thanks for that. If it was my bad, I apologise for the misread. Thanks for actively reviewing and attending to readers’ comments though. Appreciated

        1. No sir, it was not fixed after being pointed out. The said news item is in the original form.You had read it wrong, believe it.

  2. May Allah Almighty grant full recovery and long life to the patient. The report says he was returning from Tableeghi ijtima and was hiding behind a truck to enter Chitral stealthily. What I felt was that the tableeghi session did not teach him that cheating is haraam in Islam. The tableeghi jamaat which is a very large platform followed blindly by millions of muslims, should do well to include character building also in their training instead of limiting themselves to stress on offering prayers only.

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