First improve roads, then invite tourists to Chitral

CHITRAL: A tourist visiting Chitral has launched a complaint at the PM’s Citizen Complaint Portal, saying he had visited Chitral with lot of expectations from a tourists point of view but his trip was very uncomfortable and left a bad after taste mainly due to the abject condition of rioads.? According to ‘Sama TV’ report, the person hailing from Punjab swore not to visit the place again.

It may be noted that first time visitors get a rude shock when the rude the Lowari tunnel area by encountering horrible roads, then being stopped at the tunnel without any reason, and then having to travel on very poor tracks called roads specially to the Kalash valleys which are favourite with tourists owing to their ancient and unique culture. .. CN report, 24 Oct 2019

One thought on “First improve roads, then invite tourists to Chitral

  1. It is in fact the ineptitude of political leadership in particular and district administration in general. Since, construction, these roads have been left unrepaired. Every now and then one has to negotiate dangerous turns while travelling on these pathetic dilapidated roads. Politically, Chitralis have been rendered orphan. Even at a distant future there is no possiblity that the condition of roads might get improved. Our political leadership is busy in leg pulling of their rivals and are least about public service like construction of roads, provision of clean drinking water, food and shelter.
    In this scenario the only viable option is that people must boycott tourism, other cultural events like shandur festival, kalash festival unless govt improves infrastructure.

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