First gymnasium in Chitral starts paying back

CHITRAL:  Chitral’s first gymnasium established in March but closed down soon after due to Covid-19 restrictions has started functioning again for the last three months now. The exercise facility is being used by young and old alike and the number of members are growing every day. The ‘BodyFit Gym Chitral’ first serious gym in Chitral town competes with the best of Gyms in Islamabad and Peshawar for quaity setup and location facility. One avid gymmer and body builder Mustafa Qoqandi talking to CN said he travels 20 kms daily just to come to the gym for exercise.

The results of the Gym have started to come in as can be witnessed on it’s facebook page. However the most important collateral payback of the Gym is the good it is doing to the society. An elderly man talking to the trainer of the Gym was full of praise and prayers with tears in his eyes. He said his son was on drugs and we were unable to control him but ever since I have admitted him to the gym he is now addicted to exercise and body building instead of ciggarrettes and narcotics. Another young man from Chew dok known to be addicted to alcohol and a vagabond, has transformed totally for the better after joining the gym.  The gymnasium is doing it’s part in improving not only the physical health but also the mental and emotional wellbeing of the youth in Chitral town. .. CN report, 30 Oct 2020

2 thoughts on “First gymnasium in Chitral starts paying back

  1. Our youth is being degenerated by unhealthy diet, lack of proper exercise, absence of goals and inspiration from elders and leaders and lack of facilities. Good job here.

  2. A good initiative. I have personally visited the facility and it’s clean, well managed and safe.. The three necessary ingredients for a good Gym!
    Kudos for this outlet for the people.. However there should be a juice bar

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