Fiber optic internet facility almost complete, yet abandoned

STATE OF THE ART FIBRE OPTIC INTERNET CONNECTION AT OUR DOOR STEP IN CHITRAL. Not everyone in Chitral will be knowing that the government of Pakistan has already spent eighty crore of rupees to bring the fibre optic cable over the Lowari Pass to improve the internet connectivity beyond our dreams in Chitral. That project of laying the cable over difficult mountainous terrain was completed more than six months ago. What is now left is the relatively easier task of passing this ready-made cake to homes and businesses in Chitral. Regretfully this cable is lying limp in the PTCL Exchange in Chitral and no action is being taken to pass its huge benefits to us.

I used to be very impressed when I saw people digging the mountainside vigorously to pass this cable over the Lowari Pass in recent years and now I am equally disappointed to see that, having completed this difficult task, the government is doing nothing to reap the benefits from it both for itself as well as for the people of Chitral. Much like the PTDC motel that the government of Pakistan built and furnished at Birmoghlasht twenty years ago but has not received a single guest upto now. Very soon winter, the mother of all excuses for not functioning in Chitral, is going to set in so lets not waste any more time to appeal to our public representatives to take up this matter in our provincial and national assemblies with the urgency that it deserves. The promised University and 250 bed hospital will benefit hugely from it. — Siraj UlMulk, via Facebook, 15 Sep 2016

2 thoughts on “Fiber optic internet facility almost complete, yet abandoned

  1. Great captain siraj sb…the leaders and nation suffer from a single syndrome called inaction..inaction istself means no action but in reality its consequences what we see in Chitral at large..goverment alocate/spend a good enough quantum of resource but there is constant stagnation at the user end..who will contribute to national cause??i request you to plz spend time to educate our youth..spare some times to go out to colleges and tell them how to serve the soil of our land…
    we thank you sir for your excellent strategic thinking for our country in general and for Chitral in particular…keep this up and we are praying for you really..billions of love and admiration for you…sir

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