Fastest growing cities for tourism GDP around the world revealed

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Thanks to a return to political stability, increased security and the removal of sanctions, cities like Cairo, Istanbul and Antalya made significant comebacks in travel and tourism last year, topping a new list of the 10 fastest growing cities by GDP.

According to the latest City Travel and Tourism Impact Report published by the World Travel and Tourism Council, Cairo experienced the most impressive comeback in 2017, registering a 34 percent spike in travel and tourism GDP.

But analysts?point out that the growth is linked to a recovery from a prolonged period of decline which started?during?the Arab Spring and was exacerbated by terror attacks and the Russian Metrojet plane crash in 2015 which killed all 224 people on board.

While tourism in Cairo may be on the rise, it remains well below its 2010 peak, the report explains.

Meanwhile, analysts also made a list projecting the top 10 cities over the next decade, which predicts that the fastest growing travel and tourism markets for GDP will be dominated by cities in China. Of the top 10 cities, six, for instance, are Chinese cities, with Chongqing leading the way.

Here are?the?top?10 fastest growing cities in travel and tourism GDP of 2017:

1. Cairo 34.4%
2. Macau SAR 14.2%
3. Istanbul 13.1%
4. Dublin 11.5%
5. Chongqing 11.3%
6. Manila 11.0%
7. Beijing 10.7%
8. Shanghai 10.5%
9. Guangzhou 10.3%
10. Antalya 9.2%

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