Fake currency pedlar posing as Madrassa donation collector held in Chitral

Fake money pedlar

CHITRAL: A man who has been regularly visiting Chitral since many years apparently asking for donations to build a Madrassa in Kohistan has been arrested with Rs 33000/- of fake currency notes. A chitral police notification declaring the arrest says DPO Sonia is intolerant towards fraudsters and cheats who exploit the simplicity of Chitralis. Further investigations are underway

The irony is that in none of the Friday prayer sermons was this incident mentioned, which is a very serious incident as it involves the name of madrassas. It has put a blot on the name of donation collectors for mosques and madrassas.. .. CN report, 28 May 2021.

2 thoughts on “Fake currency pedlar posing as Madrassa donation collector held in Chitral

  1. It is a pity that our beautiful religion is being defiled viciously by ignoring the obligation of ‘Huqooq ul ibaad’ and only restricting selves to the obligation of prayers and rituals. The above case is a living example where an apparently religious looking man coming to Chitral on a religious service of collecting donations for a seminary is actually indulging in fake money peddling. I’m sure he has been made to believe by his religious teachers that selling fake bank notes is not a moral crime and will be forgiven with the help of prayers and rituals etc. We direly need to change this mindset. “O’ Allah, put us muslims who have gone astray on the right path (Ehdina siraatul Mustaqeem) .. Aameen”

  2. Should be awarded exemplary punishment on two accounts:
    1. Spreading fake currency
    2. Using religion for his crime

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