Facilitation center at Lowari tunnel, what for?

Dear Sir,
According to news reports, the Lowari tunnel nuisance is going to strike again. District Administration Dir Bala has announced to set up facilitation center at the mouth of the Lowari tunnel which includes setting up tents and medical camp and food stalls. What rubbish?is this! Is the tunnel there to with hold passengers forcibly and subject them to facilitation centers, or is the tunnel there to allow vehicles to pass through when they approach.

This is the first case in the world where vehicles are deliberately held up at the mouth of a tunnel and make the?travelers sick through waiting enough?to be dependent on medical facilities or food or bathrooms.

Somebody please put an end to this nonsense and make the NHA/Sambo allow vehicles to pass through the tunnel both ways without holding them, because the widening part of the tunnel has been completed and there is no excuse for not allowing two way traffic in it. — Farid Ul Haq, Chitral 24 Dec 2016

2 thoughts on “Facilitation center at Lowari tunnel, what for?

  1. Two naive village laborers went to city for work. While working on top of a high building one fell down. People gathered around him lay him on a bed and called a doctor. The doctor checked his pulse and declared him dead. “I’m not dead” murmured the man raising his head. “Shut up and keep lying, The doctor knows better than you” snapped his friend.
    Similar is the case with Chitralis at the Lowari tunnel. We are forcibly being made to wait at the mouth of the tunnel and use ‘facilitations’ when we simply want to pass through the tunnel without any waiting and using facilitations.

  2. The best facilitation would be to allow vehicles to pass through the tunnel without stopping them for hours at the entrance.

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