An example of unscrupulous greed in our society

6 thoughts on “An example of unscrupulous greed in our society

  1. @Khalid Pervez sb, It is not right to make such a big allegation depending on speculations. The girl’s relatives may well be sincere and good intended. Jumping to such conclusion may be too early at this stage.

  2. Dear Akhtar Ali sb, According to a well-placed source there was no love lost between the deceased family and their relatives. the man in whose custody this minor girl is being given was not on talking terms with the latter’s father over a property dispute. Even the girl has expressed her apprehensions in a private talk with a well-known lady political activist of Chitral. Better the government takes the girl under her own custody till the time she reaches the age of majority.

  3. Before giving irresponsible comments regarding the girl the individuals must know about the fact, we have seen the girl in Islamabad, she is in deep shock and she can not remember what she has said few movement ago. Unfortunately media and some politicians like Khadija Sardar have created disinformation. Only two relatives were with her when she was in Islamabad, no third one claims to be the custodian of this girl. It is fact that there are disputes between two real brothers, sisters but it does not mean they will not take the family after the dead of any person. There are many people in Garumchash who will take notice if they see any injustice in this regard. Individuals who belong to other areas should not create disinformation without knowing the real issue.

  4. The problem in our society is that anyone can say anything about anyone in the media. Usually the issue under discussion should be reported by a journalist or police or a civil society organisation or somebody who is responsible for reporting such issues – all of these report an issue after doing certain investigation and finding some evidences or firsthand facts. I do not know who Mr. Khalid Pervaiz is but I guess he is one of the above mentioned people. If he is not, I wonder why he reports this sensitive issue and based on what investigation and research? The fact he is from booni and the issue is in Lotkoh, not sure how well informed he is about it and from what sources, other than citing a political lady meeting the girl in hospital, merely to get some media attention. Since this issue has been discussed in electronic media and reported in many newspapers across the country, so what new information Mr Pervaiz has got in his report? Don’t we know there is greed in our society? Is this the very first time in our history that a greed has been found in our society? Is there is no greed in Booni and else where in Chitral, Pakistan and the world?

    If there is no new information about the issue, why to repeat the same old story again and again?

  5. Dear Fida sb, Let me tell you one thing that the constitution of Pakistan invests every citizen of this country with the right to freedom of expression. Electronic and print media give us space to give our perspective on certain social issues. In the letter to the editor I refer to a leading newspaper that reports the sensitive issue with an eye-witness account. If you think that what has been reported in the mainstream media is baseless and ill-founded ,you can have an access to the court of law and sue them on the charges of libel and defamation. But as a sensible citizen of the country you cannot suppress the voice of the media or for that matter the views of the general readers through such rebuttals.

  6. @ dear Mr. Khalid Pervaiz, I have already referred to in my comments on a news report about the dubious reports of a leading English newspaper in its last month’s issue stating that the 98.7% Pakistanis are registered agents of foreign agencies like RAW, Mosad, CIA, NDS etc. However, I failed to understand who are the remaining 1.3 % lucky Pakistanis who are not existed on the payroll of foreign agencies. I would like to ask you Mr. Khalid Pervaiz whether the news report is correct and reliable? The newspaper has also given the break-up / ratio of agencies but did not mention the source of information. Obviously, this kind of thrilling reports are not reliable. You will agree that this state of reporting reflects the poor standard of print media.

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