Evolution of the Chitrali Calm Mind

Chitral, the idyllic spot; the heaven on earth, to use the common phrase, where the manifestation of the supreme power is so richly displayed in the form of high peaked mountains touching the clear heaven and sloping towards the deeply set lush green range of valleys; exquisitely separated, as to have a man of delicate senses riveted if the soul refreshing air in addition, would not utter out from him few lines of appreciation.
This glad reputation of the valley be as permanent as its firm mountains, as its delight giving spirit is in its place. But what goes into the making of a mind, so basically calm and peace loving, so ready to soon reach a reconciliation, so quiet and undisturbing as of the chitrali people, I believe have had its ages long chief connection with the mesmerizing and the soft unheard speaking environment that they are conferred upon as a sublime boon.
It is more like, as their toil for their sustenance leading to their plain diet; the average salty tea drinking custom of their’s, ( though it may be termed as the natives’ tradition existing from a long time but I believe the ancestors’ easy accessibility to the mineral and the convenience it afforded financially, had made them habitual of it) their bearing of harsh winters, their hunting expedition and the exertion they put in their dance and sports, have accumulated to mark the chitralis comparatively thin, nimble and slight appearance. So is the mostly calm, soft and lukewarm environment reflect itself in its inhabitants’ unruffled minds.
The chitralis have always preferred to create as mild an uproar in consequence of some provoking incidents as could be possible. And rarely have we witnessed any angry uprising on their part. This we ourselves may not be willing to admit and in our own environment may not be so conspicuous a trait but it mark us distinct and leave a reverent impression of us in the minds of the authorities as well the circle of friends in various establishments outside our context.
As long as it serve a positive purpose, it is commendable but at times we find ourselves immediately complying with situations accepting them as they come, where we think we need to be a little more stern, a little more courageous and defying even, where we think we need to raise a harsh voice against, create an uproar it may, but we do not at all act so. For, we are the captive of our intuitive calm nature which is the main essence of our being. We have been framed in that fashion from ages. We by nature don’t want to be the cause of any trouble.
This calmness of mind we partly inherited from our ancestors, who with no other occupation than domesticity, with no other venues to attend than home with family and relatives, with no chance to avail any available platform, with no option than to acquiesce with the prevailing Hakims and Mehtars, ended up with being accustomed to minding their own business and resenting from meddling with affairs other than their basic one.
The want of leisure at their disposal also accounted for this. They had always tried to avoid employment of their selves in activities which they apprehend have chances of prolonging. Thus showing their concern for their work and retaining the reputation of their calm mind.
Its not that our immediate ancestors, evolving from their ancestors, had not endeavoured to dilute the might be negative result of their inborn disposition. In fact they spared no occasion to pour out their heart and mind. They participated, argued, gave time, in consequence of their recognition of the value of education and their exposure to the demanding world. But there accompanied always with this practice, the overpowering character of agreeability, gentility and attitude far from being obstinate as if to mirror either the soothing environment or the disposition of the bygone people or the effect of both.
Today’s chitrali mind, as per the essential of their character and as if to engrave the same in the heart of the generation coming, is calm and collected too. But they are even more inclined towards probing into matters which they think are of substantial nature. Their curiosity and insatiable greed for knowledge shows their intense urge to widen their mental horizon and their pursuit to attain sophistication at length.
It goes without saying that with such will and intentions cherishing in mind, today’s chitrali no wonder seeks content where expression is given weight, where enlightment, ideas and advices are proffered. He is no longer the one hurrying home, not giving a fig for what is happening. In fact the average chitralis’ life style is altered now. His situations in life demand that he must not confine himself to the four walls and the dwellers inside are no more the bulk of his concerns. (They have also in one way or other stood on their own.) He is out to live; he is out to learn to serve for a life time. For this he is willing to exhaust stretches of time in the wake.
Cool, calm and collected the chitralis are indeed as always and as they are to be but today we are many steps ahead than our line of pedigree. Through our conduct and practices we have proved the negative effect of our calmness alleviating and getting weak as days passed on. Though, the constructive calm mind remains always our integral part.

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