Every tragedy followed by frivolous statements/actions in Pakistan

Chitral : It is an ironical fact that whenever a tragedy strikes Pakistan and unfortunately many do at frequent intervals, the television, the news papers and the social media is immediately flooded with statements and messages from political leaders. Some of the statements are like “The prime minister has expressed grief over the tragic incident”, “The president has expressed sorrow over the incident” or “the Chief justice has taken notice of the tragic incident” etc. These statements look so absurd because who on earth would not be grieved on hearing of a tragedy? Why mention it in the newspaper or TV. Would nothing be done about the matter if the Chief Justice does not take notice of it? Why these meaningless statements flood the media just to irritate the people? The prime minister or President or Chief Minister should only give a statement about the actions they are taking on the matter and not issue hollow condolence messages.

In the fresh case of a minor girl being raped and murdered in Kasur, and ensuing riots, the chief Minister has announced government jobs for the families of the affectees! The rule of ridiculousness in Pakistan should cease and order be brought to governance, be it in the form of a complete modification of the governance system. .. CN report, 11 Jan 2017

3 thoughts on “Every tragedy followed by frivolous statements/actions in Pakistan

  1. Wretched is the country where government jobs are gifted to family members of a murdered victim. How can such a country improve. Govt jobs are meant to be filled on merit through a proper recruitment system. Dishing out govt jobs on whims of rulers only destroys government institutions. When the government fails to protect the lives of it’s citizen, it bribes the family members of the deceased with government jobs. Simply disgusting!

  2. Sir, we live in a society where words speak louder than actions. People, be a politician or public servant or a religious leader, always compete with each other to speak to the media but no one is ready to take an action. Our leaders are good at delivering sermons but they themselves never act upon their sermons. Our leaders need to change their approach from “word no work” to “work no word”…

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