Even Dir has started to accept ground realities

Chitral: Chitral’s southern neighbour, the former princely state and now a settled district, Dir, has been and still is the gateway for Chitralis to reach the larger Pakistan. Chitralis always feel a different kind of culture amongst the Dir people called ‘Deerochee’ in the local slang. The people of Dir have been known for their sturdy, somewhat burly physique, hardworking nature and rich acumen for doing business. A large portion of business activities undertaken in Chitral has a direct or indirect influence of the Deerochees.

Besides other things, Dir inhabitants have also been known for their strict orthodox culture specially when it concerns the role of women in the society. Even today, women do not visit the markets to do shopping and depend on their menfolk for even their personal shopping.

A surprise was however witnessed while passing through Dir town recently. A poster of a private school, named ‘Cambridge’ Children Academy with picture of Kindergarten students including girls wearing coats and ties and claiming ‘International standard of education’ heralded the change of mindset even in Dir. .. CN report, 28 Mar 2019

One thought on “Even Dir has started to accept ground realities

  1. Muslim orthodoxy has always been late in accepting ground realities. The Printing press was initially banned by Islamic clerics in 1482 because they believed the Holy Quran would be dishonoured by appearing out of a machine. However when they eventually accepted the reality of the machine after three centuries, the Europeans had galloped far ahead in progress using the press.
    Similarly Radio was first opposed by saying “devil speaks from inside the box”. The loudspeaker was opposed by saying “the loud sound is like donkey braying”. Then there was opposition to television, internet,etc. Infact it is a pity that Muslim orthodoxy first opposes every new invention terming it as ‘unislamic’ but later adopts the same, when others have already reaped much benefit out of it.
    The case of the change of mindset in Dir is a new example.

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