Even Biden mocks Muslims’ conviction on fulfilling promises

CHITRAL: When during the recent Presidential election debate Donald Trump said he would fulfill his promise of completing a certain pending task, his rival Joe Biden mockingly said “like InshaAllah”. This though was taken as a joke by the media and the world, but in fact it is a very grave aspersion on the conviction of muslims to fulfill a promise using the name of Allah in it.

Over the ages Muslims world over have lost their position as trustworthy people. During the early days of Islam rag tag Muslims conquered the world through the power of their character. Now we have become an entity to be ridiculed by others for the weakness of it.

This is all because we have progressively lost the strength of our character and are happy with the easy fix tips given to us by our religious preachers to get our sins pardoned including sins resulting from weak character. .. CN report, 01 Oct 2020

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