Ertuğrul reaches Chitral in the form of a new restaurant

CHITRAL: Ertuğrul, hero of the Turkish historical fiction and adventure television series, which has taken Pakistani television viewers by storm, has ploughed his lance in Chitral too.

Ertuğrul restaurant, Chitral

A new restaurant opened by an Afghan refugee living in Chitral since childhood, in Chitral town, Bypass road Ataliq bazar, adjacent to the Habib Metropolitan bank, has not only opted for a new eye catching name, but also introduced some new features to the restaurant. Talking to CN, the owner said he only bakes bread (thanoori) made of local bran flour instead of refined white flour from the mills. He has also introduced tandoori chai, a speciality of Quetta hotels in Islamabad and elsewhere. The restaurant also uses earthen ware utensils for serving food, like water jugs, glasses, tea cups, soup bowls are all made of earthen clay. The restaurant has been received well by out of home-eaters and right from the begining is drawing good clientele specially at lunch time. .. CN report, 06 Jul 2021

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  1. Interesting to note that the father of the restaurateur, a humble man in his late eighties, is also running another restaurant where he himself cooks and prepares seekh tikkas at that ripe old age.

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