Englishman searching for uncle’s grave in Chitral

Dear sirs,
I wonder if you could help me please. Shown here is the gravestone of my mother’s grandparents which is in a cemetery in Cambridgeshire, England. It includes details of one of their sons who died in Chitral. The gravestone does not mention a military rank and I wonder what a poorly educated young man from Cambridgeshire was doing in Chitral at that time and if he has a grave in that area. In case you cannot see the inscription clearly it reads ” Frederick James (Joyce), son of the above, who died at Larane, Kotal, Chitral, India, Aug 24th 1895 aged 23″.
Thank you for your time and I would welcome any information that you or your readers would be able to give me.
Yours sincerely
Robert Whiteman
Athalia Joyce grave0001.jpg

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