End of times!: When poverty becomes an advantage

CHITRAL:? Looking at the statistics of the effect of the current COVID-19 virus on various demographically distributed population of the world, it is evident that well to do countries and their people have been the worst hit, while the poor ones least affected. Reason for this to be happening is that the poor are already brought up fighting all sorts of germs and viruses right from their birthday because of which the infant and child mortality rate in poor countries is very high. Those who survive however are well equipped with immunity and posses more prophylactic properties than those who are brought up with tender and delicate care.

While the population in the west feasts on burgers and puddings and pies, the poor masses are surviving on crumbs and germ infested leftovers which their bodies learn to digest and absorb. It is in times like this that the robustness of their internal system show their prowess as they are trained to do throughout their lives. .. CN report, 02 Apr 2020

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