Emotional instability, a big problem with Pakistanis

Chitral: Emotional instability and nervous frailty is a latent weakness in Pakistanis as a nation, and it shows up so many times on so many occasions now and then. Whether it be a cricket match when people loose their cool on watching the game on TV, Jump into rapturous joy when the batsman hits a sixer and the next moment shower him with abuses when he gets out on the next ball.

Similarly when faced with tough times of sorts Pakistanis loose their cool and start behaving erratically. In the current month of fasting when blood sugar levels are low in the day there have been cases reported of a man murdering his brother over a trivial argument while sitting in Etikaf. Similarly there have been reported murder cases during Ramazan when the murderer was fasting. It has nothing to do with religion. All it has to do with is the weak nerves leading to loss of control over emotions due to reduced sugar levels.

The reason for overall weakness of nerves and emotional instability is most related to the overall poor standard of nutrition provided to the people. Adulterated and poor quality foodstuff? have replaced nutritious food and coupled with smoking cigarette and using naswar etc have contributed to weaken the nervous system.

A national study should be conducted by psychologists and nutritionists on the exact causes of the weak emotional health of the nation and suggest measures to address the problem .. CN report, 02 Jun 2019

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