Eleven Mottos of the Quaid

1. Our Constitution shall be democratic, embodying the essential principles of Islam
2. Our decisions in the affairs of the state shall be guided by discussions and consultations, as taught by the Almighty.
3. I do not accept the proposal to be elected as president of the Muslim League for life and insist on fresh elections as per rules.
4. The biggest enemies of my country and people are those who disturb the law and order
5. In the name of humanity, I care more for the Hindu untouchables of India than for the Musalmans.
6. If politicians do not act honestly, do not make them your leaders. You can do that for me as well
7. Throwing parties at political gatherings is bribery. I thoroughly detest it.
8. I prefer defeat to winning elections by dishonest and corrupt practices.
9. The economic system of the west has created insoluble problems for humanity. It was largely responsible for the two world wars. It will not help us.
10. Freedom does not mean that you can behave as you please and do what you like, irrespective of the interests of the other people of the state.
11. I have no doubt that with unity, faith and discipline, we will compare with any nation of the world.

.. Lt Gen Raza Muhammad Khan, 28 Dec 2018

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