Electrification of byepass road Chitral city

Dear Sir,
Through your esteemed online service, I wish to draw the attention of the authorities, particularly the Deputy Commissioner Chitral about the negligence in providing electricity to the byepass road in Chitral city which has been built since five years.

The portion of the byepass road? which has been populated with shops since some years now, has been provided electricity on an adhoc basis in a haphazard make shift manner, tying wires to trees and buildings. A new project like byepass road cannot afford to have ugly hanging electric wires like of the 1960s.

The Deputy Commissioner is requested to? inquire about the funds that were meant for providing underground electricity on the byepass road and why it has not been done so far. The enemy of beauty of a city are primitive poles and ugly wires whether of electricity or telephone hanging haphazardly all over. I hope this problem will be addressed on priority basis to stop the further uglification of Chitral City. If possible the old bazars also should be converted to underground electrification which is now a mandatory requirement in any town planning. .. Irshad Ali, Chitral 28 Oct 2017

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