Elections should be held under Presidential form of govt

Dear Sir,
Yet another round of elections are at the doorstep. We have had numerous elections under the bicameral parliamentary system of government since 1973, when it was inducted. Ever since we are going down hill in all fields.

85 percent of democratic countries in the world have adopted Presidential form of government. Only few who had been ruled by Great Britain are using the parliamentary form. In our case parliamentary system has opened a Pandora’s box of woes and failures. Why should we not quit it and adopt the system which 85 percent of the world is using.

In Pakistan when there was Presidential system under Ayub Khan, our country was prospering in all fields although he was basically a millitary man. But later under similar millitary men but Parliamentary system we saw the country being devastated. We should learn from past experience and experience of others in the world.

Before conducting any further general elections a Presidential form of govt should be introduced through a constitutional amendment via a referendum by the interim government. I hope the powers that be who are interested in improving the condition of Pakistan will pay heed to my suggestion- Thanks ..Wajahat Ullah, Chitral 10 May 2018

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  1. great suggestion…the army of technocrats must come forward to run this country…

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